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Galley / Kitchen Department

Jobs available in the galley/kitchen department aboard cruise ships, including specific requirements, salaries and benefits

Galley / Kitchen Department
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Food is one of the most important aspects on a cruise ship, and has to be provided in abundance and with the highest quality possible.

The kitchen is called the "galley" on a cruise ship, and it is one of the largest unseen areas on board, with an extensive staff and a variegated diversity of tasks to be performed in a non-stop working system forced by the specific needs of food service onboard large cruise ship.

In the case of large cruise ships, the galley department consist of several separate sections, with a main galley, responsible for breakfasts, lunch and dinner; and separate, specialized galleys in certain dining rooms and restaurants, pizzerias, bars or crew areas.

There is also a difference between hot galley, specialized in cooking vegetables, soups, fish and meat; and the cold galley, dedicated to baking, pastry and confectionary, snacks and diverse culinary specialties and meals to be served in buffets.

Galley department are served by well-trained, experienced cooking staff, supported by the utility division, whose duties involve keeping galley and its equipment clean and tidy.

Galley / Kitchen Department: Food Preparation Staff Galley / Kitchen Department: Utility Division

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