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Offshore Oil Rigs

Careful selection of pictures, images and graphic elements to illustrate diverse environments, moments and situations on offshore oil rigs.

Image Gallery - Offshore Oil Rigs
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Job Opportunties

Job Opportunties

The maritime cluster offers considerable job opportunities to workers and professionals unemployed or seeking for an occupational change.


Most In-Demand Jobs on Offshore Oil Rigs

Most In-Demand Jobs - Offshore Oil Rigs

There is a large diversity of positions and jobs to be filled on offshore oil and gas rigs.

We would like to offer you a listing of the most in-demand positions in this segment of the maritime sector.

Job and Career Advice

The offshore oil and gas industry is a growing sector with a constant recruiting of employees and professionals able to perform in a challenging, stimulating working environment.

Job and Career Advice

Please do not hesitate to contact us.


We are open to receive – and we shall reply – any inquiry or request for information about the offshore gas and oil industry and its job opportunities and for career development.

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Image Gallery: Offshore Oil Rigs