Cruise Ship Jobs 2021

Jobs on cruise ships in 2021 - January - in different roles with companies from all the world.

Cruise Ship Jobs - 2021
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Employment and Jobs on Cruise ShipsJobs - 2021Cruise Ship Jobs: 2021

The cruise industry carries out selection processes and recruits people to work onboard throughout all the year because of the diversity and extent of its service offer in all the world, with destinations and ports of call in tropical regions, areas of historical interest or natural attraction, or even polar regions.

And it has welcomed another record-breaking cruise season this year, with many cruise lines already announcing the float out of the first next-generation ultramodern mega-ships to come in into service this year to provide new features and calls to a wider variety of destinations and itineraries to meet the expectations of a broader international clientele.

Travelers and cruisers have never had so much access to this kind of service, with a great variety of offers and the chance to sample different international destinations according to their tastes and preferences.

Such an increase in the sales of holiday packages and the higher occupancy rate of cruise ships imposes also higher staffing needs, which affects all the departments, and especially those directly related to guests service and care.

That is way cruise companies and crewing agencies are carrying out selection processes to fill the positions required for this 2021 season.

A job pool that presents an interesting employment alternative for anyone interested in getting a position as entry-level or specialized employee, or as a professional technician in this sector.

A New Season, New Opportunities (vacancies in January 2021)

Regardless of your training, qualification and work or professional experience, if you are interested in working on cruise ships and looking for the moment to access the sector, do not miss the opportunity to apply for a shipboard position this January 2021.

This website provides information and resources on shipboard positions, contracts and average salary in each position; along with the means for you to submit your résumé and job application directly to the cruise companies, crewing agencies and recruiters.


If you are a maritime professional or a dynamic, enthusiastic person seeking for a well-paid job, or trying to find something different or a unique experience, we can provide you with our knowledge, experience and services, and the highest level of support to apply for a seagoing position in maritime and offshore oil companies.



If you are a maritime company or an organization engaged in offshore oil maritime operations, or a crewing or recruiting agency seeking for workers or qualified employees and technicians to fill seagoing positions, we can help you find them by posting your current or future job vacancies in our website.


Job Opportunties

Job Opportunties

The maritime cluster offers considerable job opportunities to workers and professionals unemployed or seeking for an occupational change.


Most In-Demand Jobs On Board Cruise Ships

Most In-Demand Jobs - Cruise Ships

There is a large diversity of positions and jobs to be filled aboard cruise ships.

We would like to offer you a listing of the most in-demand positions in this segment of the maritime sector.


In any case, we would like to offer our contact section to anybody interested in obtaining information about any aspect related to available positions and their requirements to work on board cruise ships in 2021.

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Cruise Ship Jobs: 2021